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Dr. Ho Cleanse

Dr. Ho Cleanse & Restore + Herbal Detox

Kickstart Your Health and Feel Lighter, Slimmer and Healthier Today!

Dr. Ho Cleanse & Restore

If your body doesn’t eliminate at least once a day, Dr. Ho Cleanse & Restore can help your regularity. This will enable your body to remove toxins and will also reduce discomfort, while promoting better overall well-being.
Dr. Ho’s Cleanse & Restore is exclusively formulated with Fibest fiber, high-grade probiotics and magnesium, to provide a unique solution that will help:

  • Improve regularity*
  • Relieve constipation*
  • Reduce gas & bloat*
  • Give you a flatter stomach*
  • Renew your energy & mental clarity*
  • Eliminate chemicals, toxins and impacted waste*

Dr. Ho Herbal Detox

Jump start your cleanse with Dr. Ho Herbal Detox with Probiotics to help reduce toxins and impurities while cleansing your colon, kidney, bladder & urinary tract.

  • Accelerate bowel movements*
  • Cleanse bladder and urinary tract*
  • Contains a complex of 16 herbal ingredient
    • 6 herbs cleanse the kidney, bladder & urinary tract*
    • 4 herbs promote peristalsis and gently eliminate waste from colon*
    • 6 natural plant fibers help promote regularity*
  • With probiotics
  • Fast acting, natural relief

Dr. Ho Cleanse is a safe, natural supplement that has no harmful side effects. It is tested and verified for purity, and manufactured in a GMP compliant facility in the USA.

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