Ideal Prostate+ & Ideal Prostate+ Ultra

Prostate PLUS Bladder Support

Only all-new Ideal Prostate Plus supports both the Prostate and the Bladder. It contains a highly effective formula for the Prostate and a clinically effective patented natural formula for the Bladder to provide dramatic relief from urgency, frequency AND that humiliating dribbling and leaking.

Ideal Prostate Plus Benefits:

  • Get a better night sleep
  • Promotes prostate and bladder health
  • Doctor formulated
  • Natural herbal and mineral supplement
  • No harmful side effects
  • Tested and verified for purity
  • Manufactured in a GMP compliant facility in the USA

Boost Your Results with our Ultra Blend Formula

Upgrade to Ideal Prostate+ ULTRA, with Reishi Mushroom Extract

Ideal Prostate+ ULTRA BLEND is a brand new, enhanced formula that includes an added ingredient, Reishi Mushroom Extract. In recent studies the Reishi extract significantly improved the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Supports healthy urinary function*

In a double blind, placebo controlled clinical study, men taking the Ideal Prostate Plus ingredients reported:

  • An 90% reduction in daytime bathroom visits.
  • An 86% reduction in urgency.
  • An 84% reduction in nighttime bathroom visits.
  • And a 94% reduction in those awful leaks, dribbles and accidents.