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Ideal Prostate+

Sleep Better with Ideal Prostate+

Prostate PLUS Bladder Support
Ideal Prostate+ contains a unique, patented blend that supports both your Prostate and Bladder at the same time, to reduce urination problems caused by either your aging prostate or your weakened bladder.

Ideal Prostate+ provides rapid and dramatic relief from:

  • Urgency Frequency*
  • A Weak Stream*
  • Starting & Stopping*
  • Dribbling & Leaking*

In a double blind, placebo controlled clinical study, men taking the Ideal Prostate Plus ingredients reported:

  • 90% reduction in daytime bathroom visits.*
  • 94% reduction in those awful leaks, dribbles and accidents.*
  • 86% reduction in urgency.*
  • 84% reduction in nighttime bathroom visits.*

Ideal Prostate+ is a doctor formulated, natural herbal supplement with no harmful side effects. It is tested and verified for purity, and manufactured in a GMP compliant facility in the USA.