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Beyond Biotics

Our bodies are under attack! The natural defenses in the control center of our digestive system…our gut…have been compromised due to our diet and lifestyle, plus the antibiotics in our prescriptions AND our food. Ideally, the good bacteria in our systems (that helps our body to comfortably digest and absorb the nutrients from our food) outweighs the bad bacteria. You’ve heard about PROBIOTICS, the “good bacteria” that can help restore your body’s natural defenses and digestive balance. But, NOT ALL PROBIOTICS ARE ALIKE. Beyond Biotics™ contains 3 clinically-tested probiotic strains which have demonstrated effectiveness for:

  • Reduced Gas and Bloating
  • Improved Regularity without Discomfort
  • Helps Restore a Healthy Gut Balance
  • Helps Boost your Immunity
  • Greater Natural Energy and Vitality
  • Better Sleep

Boost Your Biotics with 7x Faster Growth:

Upgrade to Beyond Biotics ULTRA BLEND, with Prebiotics

PRE-biotics are like food for your PRO-biotics, and our special Ultra-Blend contains a patented prebiotic formula that’s been shown to grow probiotics seven times faster in just 10 hours. Faster growth means you can get rid of the bad bacteria that’s causing your digestive and regularity problems that much faster.